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Call for applications 2018 / Appel à candidatures 2018 – Summer workshop of the European College of Cluny / Séminaire d’Eté du Collège Européen de Cluny – CCIC

Dear Mrs, Dear Mr, 

We are pleased to announce you the opening call for applications for the 2nd summer workshop of the college of Cluny which succeeds at 15 years of  the Young European Citizen’s Convention. 

Real area of democratic exchange, summer workshop of the college of Cluny  suggests to a group of 40 young participants, from  thirty countries, the opportunity discussing their future, exchanging with other European young people and realizing a common project through an approach established  on respect and  listening. 

The participants are from different country (more than 20 nationalities represented every year) and have a wide variety of academic experiences:  economists, linguists, sociologists, scientists, jurists, journalists, medical, international relations Engineers, etc.. This interdisciplinarity allows us to enrich the discussions and to bring new perspectives on our activities.

In Cluny from 5 to 14 July 2018, the participants will exchange around  the topic ” Cultural and natural heritage: basis of European consciousness? ” And will share their observations and visions on the subject and will then elaborate their democratic, cultural and political propositions on the topic.

Please find an attached document for call for applications  in French and in English. You will find all those informations on


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