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University of Sunderland, UK – Scholarships

Available Scholarships for

 Undergraduate and Postgraduate students


Apply on Your Own Scholarship


Dear International Office Coordinator,    


The University of Sunderland, one of the 10 largest Universities in England offers an unlimited number of Scholarships to European students for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies.


The scholarships were launched at the beginning of the new academic year, are available to European students and are valid for the academic period 2020/21. 


Your students will have the opportunity to gain a cash scholarship of £1200 for Undergraduate studies and £800 for Postgraduate studies


All European applicants are eligible for those scholarships if they apply directly to the University of Sunderland using the online application system or through the European Regional Office.


The University of Sunderland offers a great variety of programs in the fields of Business, Law, Tourism, Engineering, Computing, Technology, Education and Society, Health Sciences and Wellbeing, Arts, Performing Arts, Media, Journalism, Design, Sports, Psychology, Nursing and more.


The University of Sunderland is an ambitious University with a global reach. We are internationally known for the quality of our teaching and research, and we are proud to be the fifth largest recruiter of overseas students in the UK. This creates a fantastically diverse student population with students from over 101 countries around the world.


Our reach goes well beyond the North East of England; as well as the two campuses in Sunderland we also have 2,000 students studying at our London Campus at the heart of the Business Center in Canary Wharf, and a further 6,500 students studying our courses in their own countries, as part of transnational partnerships.


Explore more about the University of Sunderland, the campuses and the city with a virtual tour.