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Curriculum – Studies Organization – Credit Units


  1. In order to successfully fulfill the Postgraduate Program (PP) in Dentistry, the postgraduate student (PS) has to attend a circle of courses for four (4) or six (6) semesters depending on the duration of studies of each Discipline. A postgraduate thesis is mandatory in order to complete the course (120 or 180 credit units for the two-year or three-year Disciplines respectively).
  2. The Program of the PP in Dentistry includes:

a. Attendance of the General courses during the first two semesters of the program (minimum credit units gathered per semester by attending the general courses: 20 credit ECTS)

b. Attendance of the Specialized courses of the Discipline (minimum credit units gathered per semester by attending the general and the specialized courses: 30 ECTS)

c. Completion of the students’ clinical and laboratory practice (according to the Ministerial Decision no.210817/Ζ1 (FΕΚ 3602/Β/2014) and this Regulation of the PP in Dentistry).

In order to complete patients’ therapy, the PS may extent his/her studies for a certain period of time, no longer than one (1) semester though.

d. Writing of the postgraduate thesis. This can commence at place the latest after the successful completion of the General and  Specialized courses of the first four semesters or at the two first semesters of the three- or  two-year Disciplines respectively (20 ECTS).


3. Curriculum (General and Specialized Courses)


(Article 9, Internal Regulation of the Postgraduate Program)



Disciplines’ Curriculum




Pediatric Dentistry Curriculum


Operative Dentistry – Conservative Aesthetic Restorations


Dentoalveolar Surgery and Radiology

Oral Medicine and Pathology

Hospital Dentistry

Preventive and Social Dentistry

Basic Oral Sciences