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Dental School through years

Dental School of Thessaloniki has already completed half a century of life and looks ahead with optimism for the years to come. It was founded on September 1959 and in December of the same year welcomed the first 52 students that succeeded in exams whose number increased to 70 due to transfers.

In the 50’s, the Aristotle University grows strongly and many newly established departments and faculties are founded. Specifically, in 1950 is founded the Veterinary School and follow in 1951 to 1954 Institutes of English and French Language and in 1955 to 1958 the Polytechnic School initially with the Department of Civil Engineering and then with the Department of Architecture.

The recognized dental science started in Greece in 1834 with the introduction of the Royal Medical Congress of Greece, which was the first legislation that safeguarded Public Health. And concerned physicians, dentists, pharmacists and midwives.

In 1893 the first private Karakatsanis Dental School was founded, which also was recognized immediately by the Medical Congress of Greece.

In 1911 the Law concering “The Organization of the University of Athens” Dental School is created as an annex to the Medical School, which targets to educate doctors. The school is attached to the Medical School. Attendance is three years and teaching is assigned to permanent and temporary teachers of the Medical School and a temporary professor of Dentistry and Oral Pathology is added with a special clinic.

In 1916, after the decree concerning”The operation of the Dental School, National University” began also the operation of the Dental School of Athens in the building located at the George road in Kannigos Square.

In 1921 and 1922, accordint to a LD, dental education increases to four years and the Dental School becomes independent with its own Teacher Association in which a Professor of Medicine is Head, four new dentals departments are added, apart from Stomatology and so there are, now, five dental laboratories . Therefore, members of the Association of Teachers are all teachers of medical courses and five (5) teachers of dental courses.