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Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics



The Department of Orthodontics of the School of Dentistry of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, organizes for the period 2023-2026 the new Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics, which after the successful completion of the studies awards the graduates with the Degree “Master of Science in Orthodontics” (MSc in Orthodontics).

The official language of the Programm will be English.

In order to ensure the proper function of the Program, the number of the postgraduate students that will be admitted is set to six (6). Candidates may be Greek citizens, citizens of European Union (E.U.) countries, or citizens of non-E.U. countries.

Eligible to apply to the “Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics” (MSc in Orthodontics) are graduates of Dentistry of Dental Departments or Schools of Universities from Greece or from other recognized foreign institutions of other countries. Candidates from non-E.U. countries must obtain and provide a valid certification of equivalence of their Dental Degree by the Hellenic NARIC (

The selection of the candidates to the Program will be performed by evaluating the following criteria as follows:

1 Total grade of the Dental Degree percentage 10%
2 Grades of the undergraduate courses related to Orthodontics percentage 10%
3     Other points of the candidates’ Curriculum Vitae:

– High rank graduation classification (among the three first graduates)

– Certified knowledge of IT

– Certified knowledge of other foreign languages

– Attendance of Scientific Meetings/Congresses

percentage 5%
4 Other Postgraduate studies or degrees percentage 25%
5 Previous research and scientific activities of the candidate –          Undergraduate studies in biomedical sciences (Medicine, Biology, Pharmacy) – Publications – Oral or Poster Presentations


percentage 15%
6 The candidate’s personality, the ability to express, his/her scientific maturity and critical ability, his/her knowledge related to Orthodontics, as well as the sufficiency of the candidate as arisen during the interview taken by the Selection Committee percentage 35%



Application Documents:

1.    Completed Application for the Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics (the corresponding form can be downloaded from
2.    Certificate of the Dental Degree. [For candidates from foreign countries, a valid certification of equivalence of their Dental Degree by the Hellenic NARIC ( is required].
3.    Curriculum Vitae of the applicant (it can be downloaded from Only CVs based on this form will be accepted for evaluation.
4.    Original Transcript Certificate.
5.    Certificate of the excellent knowledge of English language.
6.    Certificate of the knowledge of the Greek language (only for candidates from foreign E.U. or non-E.U. countries).
7.    Certificate(-s) of clinical experience for a time period of one (1) year in general dentistry.
8.    Three recommendation letters.

Non-Mandatory (if available)

1.    Certificate of graduation ranking.
2.    Certificate of IT knowledge.
3.    Certificates of knowledge of other languages than English.
4.    Certificates of Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies and/or degrees.
5.    Copies of the full text of publications.
6.    Certificates of oral or poster presentations.
7.    Certificates of participation in scientific meetings.
8.    Certificates for any clinical, teaching, research or other scientific activities of the applicant.

Important dates:

  • The deadline of the submission of applications (in both electronic and hard copy format) will be: January 13, 2023.
  • The interviews of the candidates will take place on January 31, 2023 and on February 02, 2023, according to the detailed schedule that will be announced by the Secretariat of the Department of Orthodontics at the Department’s website in due time (
  • The announcement of the candidates’ final evaluation and ranking will take place on February 08, 2023.
  • The Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics will start on February 20, 2023.

Below you may find the detailed Announcement (in PDF format), as well as the Application and CV forms (in WORD format), which must be used by the applicants for submission.

For any further information (regarding the terms and conditions, the qualifications of the candidates, etc.) please visit the website of the Department of Orthodontics at:, or contact the Secretariat of the Department of Orthodontics (Mrs. Eleni Margariti,, Tel.: +30-2310-999556).

The application form along with the corresponding documents should be submitted in both electronic and hard copy format to the following addresses


Physical address: 
Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics
School of Dentistry
Faculty of Health Sciences (General Secretary)
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
University Campus
GR-54124 Thessaloniki

Attachments: Interviews

  1. Announcement PP in Orthodontics 2023-2026
  2. Application form (word)
  3. CV form (word)
  4. Application form (pdf)
  5. CV form (pdf)