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Theocharidou Anna

Assistant Professor

Telephone: (+30) 2310 999564




2000 DDS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Thessaloniki, Greece
2008 PhD, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece

Academic career:

2013 Lecturer, School of Dentistry, AUTh


2000 First Award for DDS grade, from Dental association of Thessaloniki
2003 Scholarship as young researcher, Research Project: Operational Program for Research
and Technology Pythagoras II, General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Greek
Ministry for Development, Title of project: “Development of Dental Bioactive Ceramic
materials conjugated with polymeric scaffolds for tissue regeneration (BIOKERIKRIA)”
2006 First award for best oral presentation at 26th Panhellenic Dental Congress Athens
2006 from the Hellenic Dental Association: Kontonasaki E., Papadopoulou L., Kantiranis N.,
Kavouras P., Chatzistavrou X., Zorba F., Theocharidou A., Kostopoulos E., Sivropoulou A.,
Paraskevopoulos M. K., Koidis P. Assessment of the microstructural, mechanical and
biological properties of a dental low fusion porcelain
2007 Second award from European Prosthodontic Association for poster presrntetion
«Theoharidou A, Kontonasaki E, Oraiopoulou X, Papadopoulou L, Chatzistavrou X,
Sivropoulou A, Paraskevopoulos KM, Koidis P. Periodontal ligament fibroblasts’ behavior on
modified bioactive dental ceramic coatings», 31st Annual Conference of the European
Prosthodontic Association, Athens, Octomber, 2007

Scientific Memberships:

2000 Greek Dental Association
2000 Stomatological Society of Greece

Research Activity - Participation in Programmes:

1. Research Project: Joint Research and Technology Program 2003-2005 by Greece &
Romania 1419/5-2-2003, General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Greek Ministry for
Development “The biological response and interactions of fibroblast cell lines to dental
ceramics modified by bioactive glass” , Phd student.
2. Research Project: “Dental Tissue Engineering using novel biomimetic scaffold materials
in combination with stem cells of dental origin and low level laser irradiation
(DentBioTisEng)”, Program ARISTEIA II (Excellence II): Operational Program “Education and
Life Learning”, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, (#5105 (9411/7-12) / ΠΔΕ:
2013ΣΕ01380048, (2014-15). Lecturer(researcher.)

Selected publications in International Journals:

2008 Theoharidou Α., H. Petridis, K. Tzannas, P. Garefis. Abutment screw loosening in single implant
restorations: a systematic review. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants; 23: 681- 690
2009 Theocharidou A., Tsoptsias K., Konstantinidou K., Kontonasaki E., Sivropoulou A., Panagiotou
C.Paraskevopoulos K.M., Koidis P. Human PDL fibroblasts proliferation in scaffolds on bioactive glass
modifiedceramics . Bioceramics , volume 22, page 233- 236
2009 Goudouri, E. Kontonasaki, A. Theocharidou, N. Kantiranis, X. Chatzistavrou, P. Koidis, K.M.
Paraskevopoulos. Dental ceramics/bioactive glass composites: characterization and mechanical
properties investigation. Bioceramics, volume 22, page 823- 826
2009 O.M. Goudouri, E. Kontonasaki, A. Theocharidou, L. Papadopoulou, X. Chatzistavrou, P. Koidis,
K.M. Paraskevopoulos. In vitro bioactivity studies of sol-gel derived dental ceramics/bioactive glass
composites in periodically renewed biomimetic solution. Bioceramics , volume 22, page 795- 798
2009 T. Bozini, A. Theocharidou, P. Koidis. The biologic profile of resin-modified glass-ionomer and
resin-based cements Balk J Stom,; 13:131-140
2010 Theocharidou A, Avgeris M, Kontonasaki E, Koidis P. Disorders of temporomandibular joint
under the prism of molecular biology .0n press STOMA
2010 O.M. Goudour i , E. Kontonasaki , A. Theocharidou, L. Papadopoulou, N.
Kant i ranis, X. Chatzistavrou, P. Koidis, K.M. Paraskevopoulos. Modi f ying a Dental
Ceramic by bioact ive glass via the sol gel route: Character izat ion and Bioact ivi ty
Invest igat ion. Mater ials Chemist ry and Physics, 125: 309 -313
2012 Kontonasaki E, Theoharidou A, Garefis P, Koidis P. Fixed Metal Ceramic Restorations:Prognosis –
Complications, Odontostomatological Progress 2012, 66 (1): 70-87
2013 Tolidis K., Tortopidis D., Gerasimou P. , Theocharidou A. and Boutsiouki C.. Comparison of
Elastomeric Impression Materials’ Thixotropic Behavior Eur J Prosthod 2013; 21:75-78
2015 Theocharidou, A, Bakopoulou, A, Kontonasaki,E, Papachristou, E, Hadjichristou, C, Bousnaki,
M,Theodorou, Papadopoulou, L, Kantiranis,N, Paraskevopoulos,K, Koidis, P. Odontogenic differentiation
and biomineralization potential of dental pulp stem cells inside Mg-based bioceramic scaffolds under low
level laser treatment. JBMR (part B) under revision
2015 A Bakopoulou; E Papachristou; M Bousnaki; C Hadjichristou; E Kontonasaki; A Theocharidou;
Lambrini Papadopoulou; Nikolaos Kantiranis; George Zachariadis; Gabriele Leyhausen; Werner
Geurtsen; Petros Koidis. Title: Human treated dentin matrices combined with Zn-doped, Mg-based
bioceramic scaffolds and human dental pulp stem cells towards targeted dentin regeneration. DEMA
under revision

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